The Awesome Game And Tool Engine Library
  • Open Source
  • Cross Platform
  • Hardware Accelerated
  • Easy to Use

What is AgateLib?
AgateLib is a free, open source, cross platform .NET library for 2D game development. It supports multiple backends for hardware accelerated rendering and playing audio through a plug-in architecture. Best of all it's easy to use!
What can it do?
AgateLib can simplify the development of your game, and provide you with hardware acceleration for fantastic graphical effects such as alpha blending and scaling or rotation of your sprites.
Where to learn?
The online documentation provides some sample for those completely new to AgateLib. There is also an extensive collection of docs on the APIs themselves, and questions are generally answered quickly in our forums.


Moving to github - 12 months ago

I'm moving AgateLib over to github and using git for version control rather than the subversion at SourceForge. I've imported it at and updates will be ...

AgateLib 1.0 released! - 16 months ago

After a long wait, AgateLib 1.0 has been released. This version includes several bug fixes and enhancements over the previous 0.3.1 version. Head over to the download page to get a copy!

New Website - 22 months ago

Welcome to the new website for AgateLib! This site has been coded in ASP.NET from scratch and it replaces the previous Drupal-based website. This new site should be more streamlined and easier to ...

SourceForge Upgrade - 2½ years ago

I have upgraded the AgateLib project on SourceForge; this means that there have been several changes to the way SF handles the project. For most people the only thing that is relevant is that you ...

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